Is it possible to install micromamba aside from robocorp code?


I just installed robocorp language server and robocorp code on a corporate windows 10 computer but I have a problem when robocorp code start.

Fatal [Download]: Get “”: dial tcp: lookup

My group policies restrict installation like that. I’m not allowed to download any executable file by myself.

My question, can I install micromamba aside ? and will installation be visible from robocorp code ?

Thank you.


In theory “yes”, if you put it in correct place. But it is not practical, since it is only first executable downloaded, and each environment build will download more executables from pypi and conda-forge.

In this case there is kind of two routes you can go:

  1. talk to your IT and allow certain sources to install things (and also have correct firewall rules: Firewall and network proxy requirements | Robocorp documentation )
  2. use prebuild, shared holotree environments (where someone else builds that envronment and then it gets delivered to machines needed to actually execute robots) see: Environment validation and hardening | Robocorp documentation

So what is actual use-case and goal that you are after. Because restircted environments still need some support to work.

Hi @joel.muller,

Out of curiosity and figuring out how we could facilitate these kinds of tool downloads I have a few questions:

How do you normally get these kinds of tooling executables? No need to divulge any specific details, but if you can help us understand the high-level process around setups like these. So is there some form of a validation and internal file repositories in play?
In general getting developers and development to work in a fully “air-gapped” way is always a challenge, so we’d like to know a bit what are the boundaries we would be working in.

These days DLLs etc. are just about as safe/unsafe as executables so our approach is to vet and sign for example the versions of micromamba we use. And on the Python environment side the pre-built environments that Jippo mentioned enables all sorts of validations and scanning.

BR, Kari

Hi Kari, I try to reply to you but I don’t have all information.

Since we move to windows10, the applications are not installed with the setup.exe procedure but must be packaged and installed from a corporate Digital Working Store (it’s like installing an app from play store).
By package it’s more program installed like a setup process, I don’t think a single executable programm must always follow that procedure.

But as I see, like RCC.EXE, micromamba.exe seems to be an executable and does not need a setup install. Since it’s downloaded it can be executed as well.

My problem is I’m not allowed to perform a download of any executable file (.exe for instance). I must to fill a form to request an other dept. to downloaded it for me. It’s what I had to do for rcc.exe, request to be downloaded then I was able to copy it in the folder C:\Users\xxxxxx.vscode\extensions\robocorp.robocorp-code-0.34.0\bin\

I think I can justify that kind of installation as installing the Robocorp extension from vsix didn’t install rcc.exe. Yes I can’t install Visual Studio Code extention directly from the Market.

For all the python files I needed for my Robotframework, as it’s not considered as a package, I had to download each file manually (pip install xxxxxx was not possible) then install each package from local source. (Normally I have to upload it in our local artifactory).
It’s the same process for Edge webdriver, it’s an exe file but BNP group don’t want anymore to create a package in the Digital Working Store as we have many upgrade of Edge. Source will be our local artifactory.

That a reason I was thinking to do the same for micromamba.exe as I did for rcc.exe.



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