Issue in http request

Hi team

I am facing issue in http request

I am trying to send message via telegram api.

But i am facing an issue like unauthorized like 401 etc.

The code used here is

                           Create session  telegram${token}/sendMessage?

${resp}=  Get Request  telegram   chat_id=${chat_id}&text=${result}

But i am getting issue like 401 which implies unauthorized

Why so

Please help @osrjv @Teppo


Nived N


I guess the problem is with the how you call Create Session… it should contain request base url, but your url contains lot more stuff.

try with this

Create session  telegram
${resp}=  Get Request  telegram   /bot${token}/sendMessage?chat_id=${chat_id}&text=${result}
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Hi @mika

Thanks for your response

Why we are creating an session

Can u explain it please?

Hi @mika
I am facing the same issue again

If you only want to send notification to telegram, there is also a specific library for it:

the sendMessage request you are trying to make is a POST request, not GET

${resp}= Post Request telegram /bot${BOT_TOKEN}/sendMessage?chat_id=${CHAT_ID}&text=${MESSAGE}