Kernel problems

hello community!

Sometimes when I open my robot again from robocorp lab, it does not take the kernel or the libraries correctly, also the RCC is working after 10 minutes

For example:

I have the libraries loaded
Library RPA.Browser
Library RPA.Browser.Selenium

but I get an error with “Create Session” also “Open Available Browser”

is it a kernel problem? I tried restarting the kernel and also opening the robocorp again but the problem persists.

@Mike_Caruso: Both the RPA.Browser and the RPA.Browser.Selenium point to the same implementation under the hood.

The RPA.Browser name is still used everywhere, but some time in the future you probably want to start using the RPA.Browser.Selenium name. Robot Framework has a library called Browser, so these naming changes try to avoid some confusion. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the confusion! In your case, you can delete the RPA.Browser one.