Libmamba couldn't solve for environment specs

Hello Devs,
I was trying to build a bot to extract text from pdfs using OCR but I don’t know why I am getting this issue. I have already installed latest version of Ghostscript and mentioned the same in conda.yaml but still I’m getting this error constantly. Any advice or solution would be appreciated. Thanks

  • python=3.9.13
  • pip=22.1.2
  • tesseract=5.3.0
  • ghostscript=10.00.0
    Error :
    libmamba Could not solve for environment specs
    Encountered problems while solving:
    • nothing provides requested ghostscript 10.00.0**


Sorry for delayed response, this post was marked as spam by forum robot :confused:
For your error seems that conda-forge does not yet have version 10.00.0 available. You should be able to get environment built with 9.54.0