Library Import Error

Hi, just getting started on this and, on running the beginners script, I get a fail! Log indicates that the import of library rpa.browser.selenium failed. Another error is that no keyword found with name “Open Available Browser”, so suspect that is because the library is not loaded or whatever?
Strangely, it appears on the keywords explorer (rpa.browser) but I’m at a loss here.

Hi @therron134 . Welcome to the Forum!

Sorry to hear about your problem. What is your rpaframework version ?

I am guessing you have version between 9.0 and 9.4 ? These version brought the robotframework v4 with the new IF/ELSE syntax included, but unfortunately the robotframework 4.0.1 had problem with it.

Could you try with rpaframework 9.5.0 which is the latest version which also excluded the problematic robotframework version 4.0.1.

Hi Mika, thanks for your super-fast reply! Yes, I’m running 9.1; I’ve had a look around at updating the framework but I’m just not sure. I’m running it on macOS, so can you advise, if possible, please?

Thank you. Trevor

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Update the rpaframework version in the conda.yaml

- pip:
    - rpaframework==9.5.0

Hi Mika, that solved it! Many thanks for your help; it is much appreciated. Trevor