Loads of new bots in our Portal

Loads of new bot examples in our Portal! If you have not been there in a while it’s absolutely the time to check these out.

:robocorp_white: OpenAI LLM Email Assistant
Summarise and extract structured data from emails using OpenAI gpt-4. This is inspired by a real case we’ve worked on with our customer.

:robocorp_white: Read tables from Confluence pages
An old RPA platform (not naming companies here!) user said they had a problematic bot that constantly broke. It was reading data from Confluence pages, specifically tables. We made this to show how easy it is to include Pypi packages that exist for almost anything.

:robocorp_white: Document AI Triage bot that triggers other processes
This bot architecture is commonly asked of us, and we made an example. Using Base64.ai, the triage bot determines the type of the incoming document (from emails) and then sends it for processing to the correct Process. Simple yet cool!

:robocorp_white: Selenium automation with Edge in Internet Explorer mode
Okay, put your 90s disco outfit on and enjoy! :man_dancing: This is still happening, and we see apps that only work on old IE. We’ve done many updates recently to ensure no app is left behind!

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