Logging integration with ELK

We are currently users of UiPath enterprise platform. We like the Robocorp platform very much and would like to migrate to Robocorp. One of the most essential features for us is the logging integration to Elasticsearch to check the logs and dashboard on the status. It would be nice to integrate the robocorp platform with ELK stack so that the logs can be checked there

Hi @skirankumars31 and welcome to the Forum :heart:!

Elasticsearch has quite an extensive API and it has also a Python package that supports the API: elasticsearch

It is quite easy to create a custom library around that Python package and implement keywords that can be accessed via Robot Framework syntax.

Here is a quick example I made on this


Thanks Mika. This was the solution i was looking for. Does this mean that every process will have to log directly with elasticsearch ?

Hi, @skirankumars31! You could implement a listener. See Philip Seifi’s post for inspiration:

Here’s info about listeners in Robot Framework:


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Thanks for the information Jani. Im new to the robot framework world. I will take a look at the medium blog and the listener interface