Movie Recommender Bot [Intelligent Automation]

Hi all,

This video demonstrates the working of movie recommender bot, developed in Robocorp which will recommend a movie based on its reviews in imdb website.
Here I had used the RPA+ML skills for deploying this process
Here the robot will :

  1. Search the movie based on input from user
  2. Extract the Review from movie [ here i had used only Imdb website for sample demonstration]
  3. Fed these reviews to sentiment analysis to analyze the sentiment and robot will finally say whether the movie is recommends or not [either recommends, not recommends, or not sure]

I had developed python library for sentiment analysis which use NLTK module to analyze the reviews…

This is a basic example , we can extend this bot with more functionalities too.

For workflow, check the video comments …

Let me know your feedback after watching this …


Nived N
Happy Automation