Multiple Task in Control Room

I have a robot with two tasks namely Task 1 and Task 2. I have configured the robot.yaml file as below

Task 1:
robotTaskName: Task A
Task 2:
robotTaskName: Task B

Run all tasks:
shell: python -m robot --report NONE --outputdir output --logtitle “Task log” tasks.robot

condaConfigFile: conda.yaml

artifactsDir: output


  • .
  • .


  • .gitignore

While creating a process in control room, I am creating two steps for the two tasks. I have configured the process like step 1 is run in Cloud worker and step 2 is run in On-Premise worker. Would it work fine or would there be any changes??


Have you selected option Done Item Forwarding as it looks by your setup that no workitems are used.

If there are no workitems for producer and consumer and only simple log keywords in both the producer and consumer robots would it run or not??

If that options is marked then yes, steps defined in process would run consecutively even if robots only log text. Like description says its useful when you need to chain robots that are not using work items.

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