Multiple tasks with one assistant

Hi, I recently finished an automation that I built with 3 tasks and uploaded it to Control Room. Now I want to create an assistant that uses the same 3 tasks, one after another, but when I go to create it, I only get the option to create it with only one of the tasks.
I suppose this is directly related to how I created the robot. I don’t exactly know how I should structure the automation.
Here is how the files are structured and the robot.yaml

AFAIK that Producer-Consumer pattern (and anything else having multiple chained tasks based on Work Items) is designed to be run unattended locally or in Control Room through Linux containers or custom machines with WFA installed.
Running an Assistant means the run is attended, thus not allowed on using Work Items, therefore you can’t have a Step triggering the next Step automatically, but you can use dialogs for collecting user information manually and create multiple assistants with each of the tasks that you can run manually.

So is not a robot structure issue, but more about how you run it. A quick workaround would be to install Workforce Agent (downloads) on your machine, link that env in Control Room, then deploy your bot there and selecting this custom env for it to run. Next time you trigger the 3-Step Process, it will run visibly on your machine, while using Work Items and running all those tasks as you added them in the Process.

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Thanks for the explanation! Guess I will be soon posting doubts about Workforce Agents.