New and shiny Robocorp Portal!

Not a shared robot as the category suggests, but something similar. :tipping_hand_man:

We’ve just updated the Robocorp Portal. It has been growing fast in terms of content, now home to thousands of lines of example robot code that jumpstarts your development. It was time to take it to the next level! Full release notes here, highlights below.

  • New design (with dark mode :new_moon_with_face:).
  • New way to categorize content under Collections (left navi on big screens).
  • New content type: Solution. Bigger things like reference architectures and integrations to third-party systems.
  • Possible to navigate to all the content per robot framework / rpaframework library.
  • Better visibility for most used applications and technologies.
  • Ability to add a robot directly to Control Room.

For you, the community, this is a place to showcase your robots! We’ve made the new Portal so that we can start promoting the community-generated robots more and get you the deserved visibility. As a reminder, here is the form to submit content for our review.