No browser is open

raise NoOpenBrowser(“No browser is open.”)
SeleniumLibrary.errors.NoOpenBrowser: No browser is open.

Hi! Which keyword is causing this problem and could you possibly share your Robot file ?


Thank you. I was able to reproduce the problem and there seems to be problem with Open User Browser keyword. I will investigate further and we will fix this soon as possible.

As a workaround, you could use Open Available Browser keyword to open the website. Sorry for the inconvenience.

hi, Open Available Browser TimeoutException: Message: Timed out waiting for page to load.

A bit more details on this (recovering from vacation mode :smiley: )

As per release notes related to this keyword Open User Browser:

  • Library Browser : Add keyword Open User Browser which opens URL with user’s default browser. Allows using browser’s existing cache. To control this browser see keyword Attach Chrome Browser or use Desktop.Windows library to control the browser

The browser which is opened via this keyword is not actually controlled by the selenium and that is the reason why other keywords like Input Text are not working. To access your active browser session you would need to use keyword Attach Chrome Browser to open that browser (which requires setting –remote-debugging-port to Chrome starting arguments). See more details from this article

The browser opened with keyword Open User Browser can be used but then you need to use desktop library to control keyboard, Desktop or Desktop.Windows library.

I will update keyword documentation to match this information.

This might have happened because chromedriver was still downloading or the webpage opens really slowly. Are you experiencing slow network atm ?