No keyword with name 'Open Available Browser' found



I have installed rpaframework (use ‘pip install rpaframework’).howerver ,when I execute ’ robot xxx.robot ’ in command line mode,failed with error :no keyword with name ‘Open Available Browser’ found

*** Settings ***
Documentation open browser.
Library RPA.Browser

*** Keywords ***
Open The Intranet Website
Open Available Browser

*** Tasks ***
open browser with specific url
Open The Intranet Website

it seems that ‘Library RPA.Browser’ did not work.
how to solve this?


Hi Higgin, Are there only 1 empty space between “Library” and “RPA.Browser” ? It needs at least 2 spaces…


Hi @costa.joaomf,

I’m also facing the same issue as @lxj_ssj_com although I have more than 3 spaces between “Library” and “RPA.Browser”. It was working fine yesterday and the same code is giving me this error now. Below is my code.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Just to verify: did you run the Settings-cell before? It is easy to forget :slight_smile:

If you did, can you check whether Run robot results in the same message?

Hi @Tim,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I did run the Settings cell before running the Keywords cell and when I Run Robot, it is opening the browser (as expected) and below popup is not going away.

Thanks for the detailed description. It looks to me like you described this further in the other thread, let us continue there for now.

Hi @vgogineni

Can u restart ur lab again

I faced this issue but restarting it again resolved it

Hello @Nived_Nambiar

Thanks for your reply.

At time I faced this issue, I had to update the lab to the latest version available that time to resolve. Restarting the lab didn’t help me anyway which I did number of times.