No me entero de nada!

I´m trying to do the Level 2 course.
I think I need some help.
Where to start?

Hi, @juan.sansebastian!

Have you already completed the Beginners’ course? That gives you a good understanding of the basic concepts (keywords, libraries, syntax, how to complete common things such as interacting with the web page elements, etc.).

What step of the level II course are you having difficulties with?

Hi @jani
I toke the beginners course. I´m very new :baby:

Im trying to open orders.csv

*** Keywords ***
Download The CSV File
Download overwrite=True

*** Keywords ***
Fill And Submit Orders Form From CSV File
Open Workbook orders.csv

Robocorp Lab :: Certificate level II: Build a robot.

Certificate level II: Build a robot. | FAIL |
NameError: name ‘pywintypes’ is not defined

Robocorp Lab :: Certificate level II: Build a robot. | FAIL |
1 test, 0 passed, 1 failed

Output: /var/folders/k8/8bjjb9td5_n6glvqp4k_bv200000gn/T/tmpz32u352c/output.xml

@juan.sansebastian Two hints.

  1. make sure you have upgraded to the latest release of the robot framework. In your conda.yaml file make sure the rpaframework=10.4.0.
  2. when you download the CSV you have to give it a directory to download it to such as “Download target_file=somedirectory{/}orders.csv overwrite=true”

I need open excel file to take screenshots. So I developed one and its working fine on my machine. However when I pushed to cloud control room it is failing with below error,

KEYWORD RPA.Excel.Application . Open Application visible=True, display_alerts=True

|Documentation:|Open the Excel application.|

19:21:31.533 FAIL NameError: name ‘pywintypes’ is not defined


RPA.Excel.Application.Open Application      visible=True    display_alerts=True
RPA.Excel.Application.Open Workbook               ${CURDIR}${/}files${/}EmployeeSheet.xlsx

Can someone help?

Hi, @rpadevloper21!

If you need to interact with the Excel application, you need to run the robot on a machine where Excel is installed and available (such as your computer).

You could use an assistant to run the robot on your computer, for example.

The Control Room containers do not have the Excel application installed, so you can not run that robot there. It needs an environment that has Excel installed.

Does that make sense?

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@jani - Yes, It does, thanks a lot!

Can you help me with one more? How can I maximize my excel window?