One Stop Solution for Robot usage

Hii Guys,
I am using this Robot framework for automating the testcases in my Organization and this is very new to us.
Right now we are automating using RED Editor, CMD, PIP but the problem with this is that it is popping up many issues like sometimes library compatibility, Python file functions not getting imported into .robot file, robot framework have to be 3.2.1 in RED then only it’ll import libraries.
So can you guys suggest what will be the best IDE or any other source from where we can run everything on one go.
Right now we are under PoC and strategy phase and we need to decide what will be the best approach to go with.
Consider the organizational restrictions on websites, downloading applications and refer only the safe option.
Thank you

Hi, @Master_B!

I’m obviously biased, so take this with a grain of salt, but as a developer myself, I seriously believe VS Code with Robocorp extensions is the best all-in-one solution.

You get:

  • Isolated and consistent Python environments that do not interfere with your operating system Python. This is thanks to rcc that takes care of the heavy lifting. You can focus on implementing tests and not worry about your environment setup.
  • Great auto-completion thanks to the Robot Framework Language Server extension.
  • Really useful debugging support and all the goodies that VS Code provides.
  • Access to other great extensions, should you need more functionality in the IDE.

If you have any questions, shoot!

Hi @jani,

There is problem with using VScode, like it requires Long Path enable(that can be solved) but rcc.exe is not getting downloaded cuz of site restriction.
And even after enabling the Long Path sometimes it asks “Windows Shell Elevated” popup and says enable the Long Path.

And this Error also when using in Remote Machine :point_down: :point_down:

That \\seliisfile\ seems to be network drive. It is saying that “UNC paths” support is missing, and then it defaults to C:\Windows instead. So, to fix that, can you try to work on your local drive, not on network drive. Sharing code can be better done using version control software like git and not shared network drives.

And for our tooling, long path support is required.

For “site restrictions” we would need to know more what those restrictions are, and best bet to get these done is to contact to your IT about it. See Firewall and network proxy requirements and System requirements for development use for more details.


@jippo Thanks, Got it.
Just a doubt, if let’s say I installed RoboCorp Lab in Remote Machine will all things will work or it’ll create errors, like importing .py file functions into .robot file?
And also can I use other libraries like Sikuli, White, Autoit in Robocorp lab?

There is no reason why other libraries wouldn’t work, but Robocorp is testing only with Robot Framework core libraries and RPA Framework libraries.

Just take into account that some of those extra libraries may have dependencies that must be manually added to conda.yaml or be available in execution environment by some other means (e.g. if I remember correctly sikuli requires java).

About remote machines. If you just want to run your robot, then you don’t need to install Lab there. You can run robots using Workforce Agent, Assistant, or even just pure rcc. And once you get your conda.yaml and robot.yaml in correctly setup, things should just work, if everything you are using is defined as dependency in conda.yaml or are part of robot.yaml and

If you want to develop on remote machine, then it should have same installation procedures done that you have done in your development machine. In one sense, there is no “remote” machines, they are just “local machines” accessed remotely from somewhere else. Tool setup should always be same, and best to use only local machine resources. And for collaborating between different machines, version control software can help you sync your work.

If you have not yet checked our RPA training courses and certifications then those could give you better understanding of our platform.

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