Open a Chrome Browser in normal mode?

Looks like the Open Browser keyword opens a Chrome browser in incognito mode.
How can I open it in a “normal” mode?

I find that the Chrome browser opens in Gest mode. This will as I understand it avoid saving browser history and cookies. But I would like to login to a page and browse this space without needing to login on every page.

You can use Open Available Browser with use_profile=${True} if you want to use your current session/cookies already stored in the default profile. In case this won’t pick the right profile for you, you can customize it further with profile_name and profile_path params.

Details taken from the docs:

If a custom profile is stored somewhere outside of the default location, the path to the profiles directory and the name of the profile can be controlled with profile_path and profile_name respectively. Keep in mind that the profile_path ends usually in “Chrome”, “User Data” or “google-chrome” and the profile_name is a directory relative to profile_path , usually named “Profile 1”, “Profile 2” etc. (and not as your visible name in the Chrome browser)

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