Open excel application and maximize the application window

I am building a BOT and requirement is to,

  1. Open Excel application and maximize the window so it covers whole screen
  2. Take screenshot of the excel file open in application.
  3. If maximize is not possible how can we take screenshot of only excel screen?

Appreciate any help! Thanks!

Hi, @rpadevloper21!

For maximizing the application window, you could try a keyboard shortcut. Worth a try, at least!

I tried but did not help. May be I was wrong with Syntax for Send Keys {ALT}{X}

Looking at pywinauto.keyboard β€” pywinauto 0.6.8 documentation, wondering if %x would work (assuming that is the shortcut).

You might need to make sure your window is activated before using shortcuts. Maybe something similar like here would help


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^{F10} Worked for my win10 to maximize


^{F10} worked for me when I activated the application using this