Oracle vault service

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I created my first bot, and I liked the framework’s simplicity. The bot I made scans my Gmail for the mobile-phone bill, downloads the pdf of the latest bill and sends it to the AWS text extract service. The data extracted is used to fill out the form on the mobile phone provider’s website to pay the bill using Visa Card. I used Python API and it took me about two hours to complete the bot. I was really impressed by the framework.

However, I realized that to automate some invoice-paying bots, one will likely need some form of trusted Oracle security vault shared by the client with the automation company/consultancy. It is, first of all, not scalable nor secure to gather all this sensitive data (Visa Cards, credentials for banking portals, logins with 2fa etc.) by hand. I doubt the client company will give a consultancy irrevocable possession of this data. It has to be an Oracle website/service where clients can upload/maintain/guard the sensitive data and selectively allow access to it to other entities (i.e. consultancy). Of course, there needs to be an audit trail of access, revocation control, data management, etc. Robocorp vault from what I read doesn’t seem to support this use case. I looked for such a provider but did not immediately find it. I found 1password has a similar platform but not precisely that. I’ll contact them to inquire.

Has anyone used such a service? It is likely to exist but I can’t find it yet. We are sure not the first to require such a service.


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Hi, @dovlex! Not sure how much this package would help, but probably worth checking out:

The project has many examples.