Orchestrating Robots


How would you go about orchestrating the running of robots programmatically?

RCC is at the core of all Robocorp tooling.

Is there a best practice and what is the nicest way to use it in a non-manual fashion? I.e., execute a robot from a shell script, python or similar? And what is the best way to provide dynamic input data?

I’m now simply writing input data to the devdata/env.json and then do a system level call to the desired rcc command like rcc task run -robot /path/to/robot ....

But maybe there’s an API for rcc capabilities or command generation I missed, a better way to supply runtime information other than writing to env.json etc. - I’m quite new to this, thank you!


That is what Control Room is there for. Learn more about it here: Control Room and it has Control Room APIs and webhooks to trigger things from elsewhere.

And dynamic data can be handled Using work items but you also have to know about Attended and unattended automation in Control Room because on some cases (Assistants) best way to get dynamic information is to ask user to submit it.

And normally, env.json is just for development time “abstraction” and not for production use.

There is also RPA.Robocorp.Process which you could use.