Pause robot set up

Is there a way to implement pause button for robot run? For example if robot is running with 100+ cases, pressing Home button would pause run, and pressing it again would resume.

Hi Raivo - sorry it took some time to answer, but I’ve shared your request with the dev team, and will let you know :slight_smile:

Hi, missed this as well, but I’ll post some details from the discussions we’ve been having on this feature, both internally and in some Slack discussions.

We already have the “Panic button” for terminating an execution:
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 9.
This terminates the execution as quickly and as brutally as possible with the target of just stopping as fast as possible in a case where the bot is doing bad things.

Graceful pausing is quite a bit trickier proposition as the tools would need to have a high-level of signalization with the actual robot implementation. This is due to the fact that not all spots can be paused at nor are safe to pause.
For example: Is a loop time-sensitive or not should affect if we can pause inside the loop or should we wait for it to complete before pausing.

Other external factors we have been trying to figure out is how would for example a desktop assistant know where to continue if the user pauses, closes applications, or changes their states.

So far we don’t have any clear and obvious great answer for the ponderings above so we are hunting for detailed use cases that could light the way for a technical solution :wink:

That is understandable. In most scenarios this most likely would not be needed. And I guess panic button covers rest :smiley:

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