Platform setup failure

Hi there,

I’m running into an SSL error when robocorp tries to update. This is because I have some enterprise software interfering with the certificates. I decided to install the dependencies manually but everytime I boot robocorp up it tries to autoupdate, fails and then I still can’t get it to work. How can I either turn off your autoupdates or temporarily disable SSL for when your app autoinstalls?

Command ["c:\\ProgramData\\robocorp\\ht\\hf4d11d2_44412bd2016a11t\\python.exe" "-m" "pip" "install" "--isolated" "--no-color" "--disable-pip-version-check" "--prefer-binary" "--cache-dir" "C:\\Users\\che.gamble\\AppData\\Local\\robocorp\\pipcache" "--find-links" "C:\\Users\\che.gamble\\AppData\\Local\\robocorp\\wheels" "--requirement" "C:\\Users\\CHE~1.GAM\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\require_636e14a7.txt"] at "c:\\ProgramData\\robocorp\\ht\\hf4d11d2_44412bd2016a11t":
Looking in links: c:\Users\che.gamble\AppData\Local\robocorp\wheels
WARNING: Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by 'SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1129)'))': /simple/robotframework-browser/

Best course would be to try to resolve enterprise issues with certificates. If you install your packages manually Robocorp tooling would not work for you.