Prerequisites to get element id in SAP

I need to get locators for elements in SAP…heard about enabling scripting engine ,RZ11 transaction etc
Please clarify this and explain the steps too.

Hi, @rpastudent77! This article could be useful:

Thank you! I enabled scripting…but I need to locate elements in SAP using robocorp. Like what ui explorer did in uipath…to get the selectors of sap elements in robocorp…

Here’s some discussion about locator tools: Software suggestion to find ElementID SAP Gui

You can also check out videos by @RoboHeart in his youtube channel.


So there are no direct ways to indicate an sap element in robocorp? like uiexplorer in uipath…we have to use these recording options…and then can i copy the generated script in robocorp…

Yes, no dedicated Robocorp tools for this use case at least for now. The existing tools should get the job done, though. I have not used them personally, but it seems like you can copy the locators generated by the tools into your robot, and it should work. :slight_smile:

okay…yea…thank you so much!