Problem to upload a bot do cr

I’ve made a bot in pure python and when I tried to upload to control room, this message appeared:

Can someone help me?



Can you Submit an Issue from the VS Code?
This would get us the logs, version information etc. in one go. In the details -section you can put a link to this forum thread so that we know directly what it is about.

Your robot seems to have the base structure of robot.yaml and conda.yaml so from the screenshot I cannot see any clear reason why the the wrapped robot zip is not created, so would need to see the logs.

BR, Kari

Hello Kari, thanks for help me, what log do you want?

There is a Submit Issue function in our VS Code extension that collects the needed logs and send them to us in a controlled way.

Ok, I did… Now I’m waiting the answer.

I’ll repeat here for others as well.

Somehow the temp directory is lost in this. We have one potential fix in the pipeline already but are not 100% sure the we have the root cause clear.

The weird part is that we have had only one report in addition to yours so we are struggling a bit to reproduce this exact case.

Just to make sure, can you try and push just a clean standard template robot to Control Room in your case?

We are looking at this with the team today, might have additional questions later.
BR, Kari

@lucas.leite we’ve deployed a pre-release for Robocorp Code with a fix for this.

Can you install it and let us know if it fixes the issue for you?

p.s.: See: robotframework-lsp/ at master · robocorp/robotframework-lsp · GitHub for details on how to install a pre-release.

Hello, switching to release version I can’t even create a robot

@lucas.leite I’m sorry about that, this was an unintended side effect of an internal update.

I’ve just published a new pre-release 1.0.4 of Robocorp Code. Can you check if that works for you?

p.s.: you may need to restart VSCode so that it finds the new pre-release which was just pushed.

Now worked, I uploaded a robot in CR.
I ever need to use this pré-releasing when I try to upload?

Great that it worked.

A new final release will be done (probably tomorrow), so, please keep using the pre-release until then (then you can revert back to using the stable release).

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