Process Email Trigger Not Working


I have a redirect rule on microsoft exchange to redirect an email to my process that has the “Trigger process with email” setup, I also have the exchange redirecting to my personal email

The redirect is coming through to my personal email so I know that it is working, however the bot isnt being triggered, the only way the bot is triggered is by sending an email to it directly

Is there a way to access logs or the mailbox \ see if these emails are getting there and or why its not triggering

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Hi and welcome to our forum!

Can you re-setup your redirect/forwarding in Exchange so it contains only one e-mail address (the one from Control Room for Process triggering – delete and re-create this one as well just to be sure) in order to confirm it isn’t working with a single address as well? Also try with forwarding instead of redirecting. And if you forward manually an e-mail from your mailbox to the Control Room address, would that work in this scenario?

For debugging this we’ll need the URL to the Process (similar to<organization>/<workspace>/processes/c2bc5cab-de1b-4a79-8b63-82c494c0df43) and the generated e-mail address you use like below:

@Ben Would that be enough info to check if the e-mail gets into?

Given mailbox logging:

Hi, Thank you for the reply

I have recreated the process email trigger already and still not working, It does work if I manually forward however that changes the from address and the body which I dont want, so Redirecting to keep original sender and body is what im after

From what we can see on exchange server it is getting redirected

Is it possible to message on slack for the process url and email as to not display publicly on forum? Thanks


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I understand, yes, I already created a Slack group with you on the community channel. (and we’ll post here the solution once we understand and fix it)