Producer-consumer process in the Control Room

Hi all,
I’m trying to execute into the cloud (the control room) the producer-consumer robot. The one proposed for the third level certification, I mean.
As IDE, I’ve used VS Code and I’d say the running locally, the robots seem to work fine. On the contrary, in the control room, the consumer robot, as a process, generates only “orchestrator exceptions”.
Any idea about where I might be wrong?
Thanks in advance for your kind and precious time :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Stefano,

Can you please share the log file for one of the failed runs? This will help us diagnose the issue better.

Tim (152.4 KB)

Hi Tim,
nice to meet you first of all.
I’ve just produced the two logs. The first one is from the “producer” and the second one from the “consumer” robot.
Actually, I’ve reproduced them executing locally the robot. Tell me if it’s ok or if you need something else.
Thank you for your time, Tim

…besides, Tim, here you can find a couple of logs related to the “failure” state of the process represented in the previous picture coming from the control room.
I hope they might be a clearer clue :slight_smile: (5.7 KB)

Thank you @Stefano. I am able to reproduce the Orchestrator error when I run my consumer bot with no work items. It may be that you’re not setting or passing the work items in correctly when you set up the bot in the cloud. Or are not ingesting them correctly? Can you double check your code against what is in the course as well as share the Error Log from the Cloud run that failed? Finally, it looks like you are running in rpaframework 12.1.1. Update your conda.yaml file to read rpaframework==12.5.1. Let me know if you are still getting this issue after trying the above.


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Thanks a bunch, dearest Tim, for a such punctual analysis.
…maybe a double Python configuration on my laptop might affect the execution of my bot.
Anyway, I’m going to follow your precious tips and I’ll let you know as soon as possible my result.
Thanks again and have a great day.

Kindest regards :slight_smile:

Hi again, Stefano! I hope the tips help but let me know if they don’t and we’ll keep at it until this is resolved.

I wanted to address your comment about the double Python configuration on your laptop quickly. That should not effect your robot runs, locally or in the cloud, due to our RCC toolchain. That RCC environment is isolated from your local environment. Which allows you to have any setup you want on your local host and still keep a clean and consistent environment between runs.

So any errors you are experiencing, locally or in the cloud, will generally be an incorrectly setup config file, control room setup issue, or the RPA code having an issue (logic, syntax, etc.).


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Thanks, Tim :slight_smile:
…about the double python configuration, u r totally right. Nothing changes :slight_smile:
I’m going to keep on the other checks…and I’ll let you know.
Thanks a lot for your precious availability…
…see you soon.


Did you notice this message in console.txt: Suite 'Package' contains no tasks matching name 'Consume traffic data work items'.

I don’t know if it is relevant, but to me it sounds that in “Package” suite, there is no task that is defined with name “Consume traffic data work items”.

Or maybe I’m just looking wrong console.txt file (from fourth message).

If this is relevant, then you could also try these things:

  • check that names in robot.yaml match those in tasks.robot
  • if files were moved around, maybe into subfolders, you might have to use other than robotTaskName format
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Thanks alot for the clue, jippo.
Actually, I was investigating in several directions and yours will be the next one :slight_smile:

Honestly, I didn’t notice it immediately, but yes, I totally agree with you.
It might be absolutely an issue.

Thanks again, jippo, for your kind analysis.
I’ll let know you as soon as possible.

Cheers, Stefano :slight_smile:

Hi @jippo and @Tim,
thanks a lot for your precious advice.
I followed both of your tips and I’d say that everything works greatly fine now.
Substantially, I updated the conda.yaml and than conda.yaml.
In the last one, the task names were a little bit different from the ones in the robot files.
It’s my fault!!!.
Anyway… great!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
In the attachment, there are a couple of pictures of the results:
The first one shows some errors, but it’s ok.
…so after the data treatment, each of the “payloads” is well-processed.

Have a wonderful day, guys.