Producer Consumer work items

I have a producer-consumer model robot. I am giving an input excel file with 5 rows to the producer robot. The producer robot splits it into 5 workitems. So when I run the consumer robot how should I configure it so that it takes that 5 workitems as input for the consumer robot?? Should I change any path in the env file for either consumer or producer??

How did you create work items? Are you running producer consumer template? Have you taken the certification level 3? That one explains general logic behind work items.


You can also have a look at our Extended Producer-Consumer template, where VSCode helps you on selecting previous outputs (created by producer) to become inputs consumed by the consumer:

In terms of manually passing Work Item local paths (when running with rcc / Python directly), take a look on how the environment variables JSON files are affecting the env to support that at runtime.
And this functionality is automatically ensured by the VSCode extension which asks you which Work Item to use. You can also manage Work Items right from the extension’s pane:

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