Python Certification 1 Bonus Chapter is failing - "Unable to Resolve Interpreter"

Hi, I am trying to run the Python bonus chapter code to simply include all of the dependencies in conda.yaml file. I created a new robot and selected the Python template before attempting this, not sure if that was the right action, the chapter did not specify to use the same robot template or not.

These are the dependencies I am using.

I have not edited the robot.yaml file. I would have attached an image but the forum only allows one embedded image per post.

And my file has an error under my imports for the Playwright library, so I am assuming that is where the issue is occurring.

Am I doing something wrong with the dependencies?

I’ve confirmed the issue. As soon as I include robotframework-browser in my conda.yaml file my environment breaks.

Hello, I would suggest to use recommended versions of packages. Playwright indicates that node versions 14/16 LTS are supported, you have 18. For robocorp part it would make sense to update rpaframework to version 20.1.0. For python I think version 3.11.0 is not officially supported yet. Official Robocorp templates should always work. For python robot easiest would be to use python template and then copy conda.yaml from playwright template.


Thanks, that was a stupid mistake on my end.