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Hello, I’m new in Robocorp.
I did the course 1 and in that we save a pdf using OUTPUT_DIR as path, and, running in control run, the control run understood that path and save the file.
If I did the same script, but in pure python, how do I should put my downloadeds files, for exampe, if I download something from internet and in my machine appears in downloads folder?
example in framework

Here is same question, hope it helps

Almost, when he uses BuiltIn(), what library I need to access this?
The os library I knew, but this BuiltIn() I don’t know in python
My doubt it’s coding in pure python


BuiltIn is also robotframework library. For pure python simplest is to try getcwd() from os I guess

Example robot from Portal that is setting folder for output

Thank you!!!

One more question, I can start a bot in control room with some support files as config?

A few more pointers:

If you running with RCC and our tooling and want the files to go to your run artifacts the run environment has the env. variable %{ROBOT_ARTIFACTS} which points to the folder specified in your robot.yaml. Other env. variables during a Control Room run.

And if you want to make a multi-step process passing a file between steps happens over work items using keywords like Add Workitem Files.

BR, Kari

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