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How to configure to run the robot in a cloud environment? I have the following error from package#2 failure. I published 2 packages to the cloud, and configure a process to run 2 packages sequentially, as shown in the screenshot.

2020-09-14 14:31:17.103: Starting run with Robocloud Worker v2.9.6
2020-09-14 14:31:17.109: Loading activity package…
2020-09-14 14:31:17.109: - Downloading to: /home/worker/instance/runs/1a5022d4-68c4-4ae9-9f0a-7226ebae9738/
2020-09-14 14:31:17.232: - Extracting to: /home/worker/instance/runs/1a5022d4-68c4-4ae9-9f0a-7226ebae9738/package
2020-09-14 14:31:17.304: Activity package loaded
2020-09-14 14:31:17.316: Validating package configuration…
2020-09-14 14:31:17.381: Preparing conda environment…
2020-09-14 14:31:17.381: - For previously used environments this should be near instantaneous
2020-09-14 14:31:17.381: - If the environment is new one this will take around 60 seconds (depending on network and disk speed)
2020-09-14 14:31:28.803: Conda environment setup failed on: 1

Do I need to setup environmental variables, for both packages?

hello @yewengehoe!

thanks for trying out the example :slight_smile:

you do not need to configure any environment variables when running the example in the cloud, that is only needed when running the code locally, to “simulate” it being in the cloud, as explained in the article about the Robocloud.Items library,

As a test, I set up the two activities in my test workspace just now and confirmed that it works:

Looking at your screenshot, it looks that this is configured correctly.

The error seems to be about the creation of the environment for the second robot. Did you modify the code of the example in some way? Does the config/conda.yaml file still look like the example here: ?

Let’s try to find out what’s going wrong here :slight_smile:

My conda.yaml has one extra line at the end.


  • defaults
  • conda-forge
  • python=3.7.5
  • pip=20.1
  • pip:
    • rpaframework==2.*
    • robotframework-archivelibrary==0.4.0
    • robotframework-archivelibrary

I can run both packages locally. But when I launch “work-item-to-pdf”, I have some pop-up message as in the picture.

sounds like you might found a bug, that we need to investigate.

Could you send the issue report that you see in Robocorp Lab, adding your email so we can easily find it?

In the meantime, something you could try is to download again the examples, and trying to upload to the cloud the unedited work-item-to-pdf example.
(you can download again the examples by clicking on the Get Help button in the Robocorp Lab launcher screen:

Yes Mario, I have sent the issue report with email.

Will try the cloud PDF invites again.

Could you try removing one of the robotframework-archivelibrary entries and go again.

It might also be that the environment has been corrupted by this, and as another measure you could try removing ~/.robocorp/RobcodeLab/envs after closing RobocodeLab. This will force the environment to be re-created according to you your new conda.yaml.

Hi Tim,

After removing the line “robotframework-archivelibrary”, the launch has no more failed message.

I think the line was added in when I run the terminal command below:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-archivelibrary && robo libs --add --pip robotframework-archivelibrary


About the temp.json file, I’ve found out it is at the OS root’s tmp foler. I actually created a tmp folder in the project folder and put the file inside. :smiley: . I think the tutorial guide has to be more specific to tell the file location.

The cloud robots are also running now.

Thanks a lot…

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A solid point on tmp as a location - we will change this. :slight_smile: