Question about Work Items and Certificate III

Hi, I just finished Couse 3 and I have a doubt about using Work Items with Robocorp Lab, with VSC Extensions, RCC, and Control Room.

I, basically, always use Robocorp Lab while I develop my robots, but I use RCC to execute them when I use Work Items. I learn from the course that in VSC Code each run creates a folder name run1,run2,… ,runn according to the execution, is there a way to do this with Robocorp Lab or RCC? Right now I create a env.json file for each robot and load it when using RCC to execute the robot, but if I wanted to have multiple executions I probably will have an error because it will be the same work item being used simultaneously.

I also realize that with VSC Extension I don’t need to create an env.json for each robot, but that doubt was cleared in great part by Mika and Teppo, guess that it still can not be replicated to Robocorp Lab and/or RCC

I had another doubt but I can’t remember it right now. When I do, i will update this post. Thanks.

Please note, that rcc is low level CLI tool, and as such, there are currently no plans to add this kind of higher level functionality directly there. That is what VS Code tooling is for.

And I doubt that this will land in Lab in near future, if ever, since our team is now focusing on Automation Studio.

So, I think your best bet is to start using VS Code since these features are there already.

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Thanks, when I use Work Items I will use VSC Extension to recreate Control Room with the executions