RCC v9.5.2 released

RCC is developing so fast as we developed it in our tooling that I tend to forget to make update announcements.
All of the Robocorp development tools are now running on RCC v9 which brings in a lot of improvements and features.

One of the biggest changes internally is that we are now running on MicroMamba instead of Miniconda.
MicroMamba is an open-source tool that is a part of the Mamba project. It is a light-weight and a lot faster tool to get the conda-forge packages and we are actively investing in the development there.
We have already found and resolved a bunch of problems in the Python environment handling space with RCC and MicroMamba and are continuing the efforts there so that setting up and maintaining clean python environments wouldn’t have to be a problem for anyone.

Check out the full RCC change log in GitHub

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