Read data from qr code

As there was question on slack how to read data from qr code, I created small example.

*** Tasks ***
Minimal task
    ${data_from_qr}    Read Qrcode From Image    devdata${/}qr-link.png
    Log    ${data_from_qr}    console=true

This is awesome, thank you! And as always, you can submit your bot to the Portal so others can find and use it.

Would you be interested to also contribute to the library with a RPA.QRCode module capable of generating and decoding such images?
As a reference, we have a Portal example using the qrcode dependency.

Thank you, Cosmin. This example came from slack and I considered to be little lightweight for an portal example. Having module that can both read and write makes more sense. I’ll look into that!

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