Reading/Writing to Excel using table header

*** Keywords ***
Read the sheet2
    Open Workbook    challenge.xlsx
    ${table}=  Read Worksheet As Table  header=True
    FOR    ${i}   ${data}    IN ENUMERATE    @{table}
        ${row}=  Evaluate    ${i}+2
        Set Worksheet Value    ${row}   H   123
        Notebook Print  ${value}
    Save Workbook
    Close Workbook

The above sample code is working, but is there any way that we can use header value for column like ${data}[Phone Number] instead of H

use the same dict ${data}[Phone Number] in place of H , it should work

its not accepting.Tried already

According to documentation currently only index or column letter is accepted.

Check this out, I suspect space between two words [Phone Number] could be an issue ?