Releasing RCC v9.16.0

A bunch of features has been implemented in RCC since the last update to homebrew and the latest. v9.16.0 is now rolling out in our tooling as well.

The biggest one to note is that we are building up the “Holotree” -features in RCC.
By the time we roll the feature out in more of our tooling, we will try to have a bit more details around the obvious question: “What is this Holotree you are talking about?” :wink:

The very short summary is that we are making the environment caching use less disk space, generate less file I/O (reduce the performance hit from virus scanners), and eliminate Windows file lock problems. The solution is also a basis for quite a few next steps, like being able to package the environment into the robot package. This packaging will help out in tightly controller enterprise environments.

As always, the installation instructions and full changelog are available via the open-source repository.
Signed executables are also downloadable here.
(Note that RCC is built-in in our tools, so no need to install separately)

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