Releasing Robocorp Assistant v1.3.0

Summertime is reaching Assistant as well as a light-theme is now available.

Also good to note that rpaframework -library v10 contains the new RPA.Dialogs which brings in the final part of the Assistant context.The library got many improvements and now enables the robot developer to control how to show results to the end-user.

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Hi @Kari,

I have tested both these new features during the new Level 2 course while triggering the robot from the assistant. Works great on linux (Kubuntu 20.4), on Windows another attribute for the dialog box could be wonderful: developer defined “Dialog Window Size”

As you see the windows sometime do not size automatically, to show the text or the button. If the robot is configured to use the failure dialog to give the user to retry again then the Close button needs to be pressed but since the window size is automatic the user may press exit button thereby terminating the robot execution. This is just an example case, not so critical in this case, but the ability to set window size or a way to ensure that all elements in the dialog box are visible is my improvement suggestion.


Thank you again!


A fix for this should now be out with rpaframework v10.0.4.