Robocop app installation problem

Hi, after I have installed Robocorp App, i want to login.

I’m being redirected to Chrome, which has then the button “link RoboCorp App” with your account, that sends me back to the app itself, but the app immediately gives me an error “unable to contact Robocorp Cloud”.

I cannot even send the error report from the app, because it gives me the “Failed to send the issue report. Check your internet connection and try again”.

As we have multiple layers of security set up, it could be the firewall or Mcafee protection (which I have no rights to modify myself) blocking the connection.

But my network/security department isn’t trying to find the mistake, they are asking me questions which I don’t know the answers to.

Question 1: what is the source IP of the app.
Question 2: what ports are used

So basically what i’m asking, is that would anyone have the full technical data of the connections and protocols needed to be open (and ip addresses / dns names) so that it would work normally?

I can’t even add the trace logs in here, because “new users are not allowed to attach” files.
I would wish to speak with someone from Robocorp, because I’m unable to proceed.

Hi Heiti,

We received your logs and have contacted you about details, thank you!

For others wondering about this: we will provide more information a bit later about what kind of traffic needs to be allowed; after tackling this specific case.