Robocorp API with base64.AI error

Trying out Robocorp with Base64.AI. If I’m processing simple PO/Invoice without table structure, then I do not have this error. But WITH table structure in invoice, I will get below error.

Is it because I’m using free version, that’s why there is limitation of the Request body size ?

Releasing FAILED input work item ‘86567dc3-0587-4292-8ee7-97aa5a2e5fdd’ into ‘runs/df7e96fa-e8ab-4414-ab82-243a5963c65d/robotRuns/2c365a04-74d9-4b96-8b80-d3874a2baf3d/release-work-item’ with exception: {‘type’: ‘APPLICATION’, ‘message’: “RequestsHTTPError: {‘error’: {‘code’: ‘MALFORMED_REQUEST’, ‘subCode’: ‘MALFORMED_WORKITEM_PAYLOAD’, ‘message’: ‘Request body too big: max size is 100000 bytes’}}”}


The limitation comes from the Work Item payload maximum size. The response from would be bigger than the maximum of 100,000 bytes that the work item payload can be.

If you want to keep the entire response from, then the solution here would be to put the respose JSON in the work item as a file, as the file can be up to 50MB. I will shortly update our Portal example to use the files.

Alternatively, you could already filter out only the relevant information from the response and only add those in the work item.

Or third, you could also implement the robot all in one without the work items.

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Hi again @dushyant.kumar2!

Check out the latest commit to the example repo, it shows one way of dealing with potentially large work item contents. It now stores the result from as a file in the workitem, instead of payload (which now only contains the details of which model was used).

Similiarly, the consumer robot reads the data from the files instead of directly from the payloads.

Hope this helps, and please let me know if we can help you more with this!

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Hi Tommi,

We have updated with the latest version. It is able to work now for those payload over maximumn size… thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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