Robocorp assistant error - Create Output Work Item

I have created a robot (running in VS code) that uses the work data concept. A user provides the input file via RPA.Dialogs and then the payload gets loaded using the “producer” pattern. This works when testing locally, when loading into robocloud and attempting to run via Assistant I get:

“Unable to create output work item without an input, call Get Input Work Item first”

I see there are similar errors reported for when attempting to use this concept in Robocorp Lab (see here )

Is there also an issue with Robocorp Assistant?
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PS> I created a new robot from scratch in VS code using the producer template that is available, but got the same error.

If I understood the problem(s) correctly, it seems that you have hit multiple blockers in sequence :thinking:

  1. For now - VSCode is the only development environment that supports work items
  2. Assistant does not support work items either. It is only a user interface for single robot runs (=assistants) and cannot be used as a step in workforce process

However, you can use assistant to collect the data from the user and then use Robocorp Control Room’s Process API to start a workforce process and give it a new workitem.

Robocorp Process API
RPA Framework Process library


Thank you @Teppo - I will split it up as per your recommendation, I would maybe just add some notes in the documentation :person_shrugging:t2:

Creating a producer in my view naturally fetches data from either a file or an online resource, so it “felt” natural to include it there.

Appreciate the swift responses (as always)


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