Robocorp Assistant not showing "Output Folder" option at the end of run

Hello all,

I’ve recently found a weird bug with the lastest version of Robocorp Assistant where the “View Output” Button is no longer shown at the end of its run.

Current our workaround is to either

  1. Install the older version of the assistant OR
  2. Use "Run explore.exe ${OUTPUT_DIR} to show output folder directly

However, we’d like to provide our users options to open up output folder through the Robocorp Assistant UI as well.

I’ve pasted the content of our conda.yaml and the image showing the difference between two versions of the Robocorp Assistant

----- Conda.yaml ----


  • conda-forge


When available, prefer the conda-forge packages over pip as installations are more efficient.

  • python=3.9.13
  • pip=22.1.2
  • pip:
    • rpaframework==15.6.0
    • robotframework==5.0
    • PySide6==6.2.2
    • pandas==1.3.0
    • pytest==7.1.2
    • shutils==0.1.0
    • pydantic==1.10.2


This is a recent change, more info can be found in release notes at: Robocorp Assistant 2.0.1 | Robocorp Release Notes