Robocorp Automation Developer Level II

I have exhausted all possible combinations in attempting to answer the following question, and I kindly request that you validate if my response is correct. I have genuinely made every effort, and when I test my answers in the console, they appear to be correct.

Question: The questions below were incorrect: When using RCC, what robot creation command can you use to create a new robot from a template (choose two)?

I would truly appreciate your guidance on this matter. :worried:

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


Looks like you have already passed the certification. For RCC-related questions, it always makes sense to try out commands to see which one is valid.

Hello @gerencia

The two commands you can use to create a new robot from a template using RCC are:

  1. rcc create my-robot: This command will create a new directory named my-robot and initialize the recommended file structure for the robot, with an example task based on the template you chose.
  2. rcc robot initialize -d my-robot: This command will also create a new robot in a subdirectory called my-robot.

Thanks & Cheers!!!