Robocorp Cloud API - Power Automate Custom Connector

Hi yall,

I did a new video to show how you can create your Robocorp Cloud Custom Connector in Power Automate to trigger your Bots from there.

Hope it helps some of you.

The full swagger file can be found here:


Dankeschön - this could become really useful and potentially another way to create “attended robots” - esp. since MSFT recently announced that they have made the power automate desktop “free”.

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Thanks, Warren. :blush:

Well, of course you do not need to trigger it manually but actually you are right…in that special case it could be compared a bit with an :v:t3:attended robot​:v:t3: since you (a user) really need to trigger it in this case. :grin:
Of course you cannot really trigger the Robocorp Assistant on anybodys’ client. :wink:

PAD will be/is free (to be honest, I am not quite sure about the current state), that is right but there will be Premium functions anyway. The good thing, with Robocorp there are almost no limitations and you can easily switch from LowCode to ComplexCode and - the most important thing - it is based on Python. :snake: