Robocorp Extension Language server is not working properly

The Robocorp Extension in VSCode for Robot-framework Language Server is not recognizing the installed robot-framework or Python Interpreter and it is taking some other RF version and due to that when i run my code through VSCode then it is giving error as library is not installed.

You can see in below image, from where it is taking up Python Interpreter.

If I set the Python Interpreter path manually in the extension then it is recognizing the installed RF version and related libraries but another issue pops up when I try to use virtual environments.

I have tried many things but not able to find the root cause like why it is taking python interpreter from C:\ProgramData\Robocorp folder if not specifying python interpreter.
I added the Python’s Path to environment variable but same issue persists.

Please let me know how to fix this and Thanks for the reply. GdDay

What is on your conda.yaml file (and is robot.yaml still pointing to that conda.yaml configuration)? Are dependencies correct there?

Or do you want to use Language Server on some manually setup environment? It seems that your RF version is quite old now.

I am not able to find conda.yaml & robot.yaml file at all I can only find settings.json file.
And I have RF v5.* installed in system. Do you know why it is taking Language server from that path but not from system’s path? Does robocorp download this Python which is being used by the Extension?

Have you checked these resources:

If you would be using our tools fully, then yes, our tooling would load python and dependecies automatically based on configuration in conda.yaml file. But if you don’t have those, then system may fall back to what it find in environment.