Robocorp Lab: Error INIT_1_125 or INIT_3_10 during installation or update

We have seen a number of installation errors reported. In the next few weeks we intend to release a change that hopefully eliminates these altogether.

Meanwhile try these steps, they have solved these issues for others:

Ensure sufficient disk free space
Robocorp Lab provides a lot of libraries and automates environment handling. This means you should have a few gigabytes free to be safe in the near future. A gigabyte could be enough to install, and as you create more robots the need increases.

Ensure your Windows 10 has long filename support

This is the most frequent cause for the installation problems. Make sure the long filename support is enabled!

Clean install

  1. Open task manager (or similar depending on OS) and kill any Robocorp Lab processes as well as a all jupyter-lab processes

  2. Uninstall completely as instructed here

  3. Download and install the latest version from

Checking and correcting the long filename support before doing the clean re-install is important!

Other possible solutions will be updated here


For INIT_3_10 as an extra step you can delete

And then follow the steps above.

If you have been using Robocorp Lab for a while and are experiencing a problem, it might be worth trying out this as well: Clearing environment caches