Robocorp Lab Installation Problem

So, some time ago I had to change my user profile on Windows since it was giving me a lot of problems installing de VS Code extension. However by doing so, the robocorp lab started to have some issues on references, I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but when trying to reinstalling the IDE an error shows where it is trying to reinstall it on the previous user sc.

I checked my environment variables and all are pointing to the new user, I’m not sure where that reference is cached.

Hi @msalazar, thanks for letting us know, we’ll have a look and get back to you!

Hi, @msalazar,
We have had quite a few months fighting with this specific issue but the Lab version v4.7.6 should now be working with the usernames that have spaces.

I would suggest that you could try to dismantle the environment variable setups and make a clean install after that.

I remember your case from logs so also maybe a short Zoom meeting (you can ping me in Developer Slack) to clear up you setup it the above does not work. Sorry for the hassle!

Hi everyone,
Well the thing is that recently I changed the username on my pc, just to ensure everything would work well and because the generic username has been causing a lot of troubles on other apps.
However when I tried to do again a clean install of the lab, the references mixed up, and it was trying to install it to the previous user.

I did dismantle the environment variable setups, but still didn’t work. However, I could install by deleting the previos username references on the Registry Editor, for some reason, since it found the old references it tried to use them instead of using the new ones.

Sorry for getting you all worked up with this, but thanks anyways! :blush:

Hi @msalazar, good to hear you got it working! :slight_smile: And please keep asking questions if you face any problems, we are here to help you!

Hi Team

Am getting “robocorp home directory issue” when I tried ti install Robocorp lab, Please guide me

Hi, @hariapn! In which directory are you trying to install? If you can, try installing to a directory that does not contain spaces in the directory names.