Robocorp Lab is loading forever


I got this strange error and Robocorp Lab is loading forever without any error message.
With VS Code everything is working.

Do you have an idea how to solve this w/o reinstallation?

After several tries Robocorp Lab is doing a re-init.

This may take some time. I will keep you informed.

Nope. Unfortunately no success.

Here is the log file:
robocode - (29.0 KB)

Looking at the log now…

A couple of possible actions to try out:
Your username contains some characters that can possibly break conda-forge and pip loading. So setting env. variable ROBOCORP_HOME to point to a simple path like C:\temp\robocorp could help out. We have a built-in check and UI coming to next Lab version on this.

The other is to clear out all cached environments according to: Clearing RCC environment caches
…this could show if there is something weird stuck in the cache level.


Hi @Kari

thanks for your answer.
Sorry, but I replaced my username by <username>. There are actually no special characters :blush:

I already cleared my environment caches several times in the meantime since I often collect 20GB+ there after some testing.

Guess I will try to reinstall the whole package.

Thanks again, Kari.

Ok, yeah of course… now looking at it that would probably not even start on Windows :smiley:

If this repeats can you submit an issue report with your email. This way we get the application logs to us in a secure way and we can figure this out.
Windows version and revisions are always fun to solve as are possible memory/disk issues :wink:

The weird thing in the log is that the environment loading just seems to do a dead stop. Fortunately now that we moved on top MicroMamba we can actually start solving and detecting these issues. Earlier with MiniConda things just failed and as there didn’t seem to be any development behind it we where a bit stuck with these cases.


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