Robocorp Lab is no longer a download option?


It has been a while since I last used Robocorp products and was trying to download a fresh copy of the Robocorp Lab, but I dont see it in the website any longer.

  1. What happened to Robocorp Lab?
  2. Does it mean that we can only use the VS Code extension?

Or may be I am missing something.

Hi, I can see it in this page, but I know they are working in Automation Studio, a new IDE for development. Meanwhile, I believe the Lab will have support and be available in their page at least until Automation Studio is release.

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Hi @aleantunes95,

That is what I was looking for. Thanks!

Automation Studio sounds cool. I am sure Robocorp team will pull that off well.

Hi @Jeevith,

@aleantunes95 is correct that we are working on Automation Studio, which is expected to be out later this year. This will be a new low code environment. At this time Lab has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. So depending on what you are trying to do you may need to use VS Code. I hope this helps.


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