Robocorp lab not functioning properly

Hi Team,

Robocorp lab is not loading libraries and at the same time the lab is not responding for browser element identification.

The day when I installed the lab, everything was smooth but today lab is neither providing any references/ suggestions nor responding properly.

When I tried executing the process, the lab is getting stuck at below window.

Please suggest me the resolution to get the lab functionality back in track.


The case seem odd because it looks like the run has finished correctly.
If you can could you submit an issue via Lab?
This would get the application logs to us in a secure way and we get the basic questions out of the way (What OS? etc.) as well as more insight on the problem itself.
We are currently testing and tuning the next release to Lab so any feedback on possible issues is more than welcome.

Hi @Kari,

Thanks for your reply. I have just submitted the issue via lab.