Robocorp Lab UI Image-Locator MAC not working


I installed Robocorp Lab on my MacBook Pro with Big Sure. When I open the UI locator for images the GUI for identification is opening. When I click “Pick Area” something wired is happen:

  • you see a new window of a application “python” which is empty - here you can identify a pick area
  • you can’t move any application in this window - so the window shows only a empty desktop.

See also the picture…please help

Hi @Mathias,

Some questions / potential causes:

  • Was there a permission pop-up? On mac you have to give the application permission to access desktop screen.
  • Are you running multiple monitors? The detection of multiple monitors and which is the main monitor is notoriously tricky to implement and we know we have not cracked that problem yet.

BR, Kari


thanks a lot! the application permission for screen recording was the point! Perhaps you can add some documentation here (or I missed it…)


…and yeah we need to check the docs on this.