Robocorp Lab v4.20.10 patch update released

Noticed that I had somehow messed up the post last Wednesday on the patch release. We have another patch in the pipeline already.

The significant changes in the last released caused some problems, so patches are in place.

Bug fixes:

  • Lab slows down and becomes unresponsive
  • macOS able to launch multiple Lab instances, causing failures
  • Getting Kernel error when opening .robot file right after opening a robot
  • Lab initialization behind slow network starting over from scratch on any failures
  • Unable to close the Inspector window on mac when making locators

We are still hunting fixes for two known items:

  • JupyterLab leaving behind orphan python processes
  • On macOS, the image-based locators are failing in some cases, which affects both VsCode and Lab.

Details in changelog here

Keeping up the general notice to update old conda.yaml configs to get rid of the defaults -channel usage.
Guide and details in a forum post here.

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