Robocorp level 2 RCC question

I haven’t gotten any other questions wrong in this certificate, but
When using RCC, what robot creation command can you use to create a new robot from a template (choose two)?
Just doesn’t seem to be working right, I’ve already looked over the documentation several times and am sure I have the right answers. Could someone please help me as I’m almost sure this is a mistake on robocorp’s side. If someone has maybe bruteforced the answer to this question and would find it possible to share the answers, since I’ve inserted the correct answers 9 times already

@eric I’ve seen you help others, could you please help me here? I’m on a deadline and need to get this done

You need to choose both options correct to get point. As hint use rcc tool itself that to see if your selected command actually works.

Hi, I thought I had the same issue as @hermanbrits.04, but indeed following your instruction (use the rcc tool) worked out and finally only 2 valid options remained :sweat_smile:

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